Our Birds Got Tender, Loving Care

Dr. Lightfoot has taken care of our birds for the last four years. Baby, a white-faced cockatiel, is a bleeder and when she breaks a feather we need to get her to the doctor ASAP. Manaia is our other cockatiel and he has had many medical problems. The last time he jumped down off the table and injured his foot. At the same time our little parakeet Sunny developed ovarian cancer .

Dr. Lightfoot kept both Baby and Manaia (since they don’t do well without each other). Sunny needed special treatment for the cancer and Dr. Lightfoot also kept both Sunny and Bart together. It made their stay much more comfortable for them and we got to bring them home the next day. Dr. Lightfoot treated Sunny for almost two months with loving care before she passed away. Dr. Lightfoot and her assistant Amy made us feel very comfortable about the care of our babies.

Joyce Hammock