Our Goodbye to Gracie

On June 1st, our 12-year-old black lab, Gracie, got very sick. After bringing her in to Southfork Animal Hospital, our vet in Lakeville, she was getting worse and we were referred to BluePearl. We rushed out there and staff came out to our vehicle, rushed Gracie in, ran tests and, after filling out a short form, we were brought back to a room. The vet overseeing Gracie came in and told us the heartbreaking news that Gracie needed oxygen, had a temperature of 106, and fluid was around her heart. She was very sick. They gave us all the time we needed to make a decision no pet parent wants to make. The staff was very compassionate during our grieving process. When they brought Gracie in on a cart there was oxygen by her mouth, and we were told she had suffered shock. She didn’t know we were there, but we knew in our hearts that she knew, and we wanted her to spend her time in dog heaven. Staff sent a card, and we feel they did all they could for our Gracie. We are truly blessed we could spend time with her. In the 3 short years we had her, we gave her love but she gave us a lot more!

Sharon Reeves