Our Precious Perla

Precious Perla was six years old and had always been a very healthy and active little girl. One day, she was very mellow which was kind of odd so we figured she was tired from walking and the hot weather. However, since this was odd, we kept watching to see if something was wrong. Her appetite decreased a bit so we took her to the vet.

Blood work and x-rays were done and all came back good. As time progressed, she was got worse so we took her to the vet once again and were referred to the emergency service at BluePearl. After a complete evaluation, the doctors suggested doing an MRI to see what was going on inside her brain. What came back was horrible. It was the worst scenario possible. She was diagnosed with inflammatory disease of the brain. Our precious Perla left us.

The staff at BluePearl were amazing in how they cared for my little one. Thank you Dr. Fox, Dr. Stetina, Dr. Wohlstadter and everyone else that was involved in Perla’s care. 

Sonia Florentino
New York