Our Puppy Survived Parvo

My sister and I adopted a 10-week-old Australian shepard/border collie mix from a shelter. Our puppy’s name is Ho-Doo (means Walnut in Korean). We initially adopted her because she had a cherry eye and we wanted to help her.

Less than a week afterward we noticed that she wasn’t feeling well. Her regular vet could not figure out what was wrong with her. BluePearl was able to diagnose her, and unfortunately it was the parvovirus.

We cannot thank everyone at BluePearl enough for their kindness and understanding. The doctors and nurses explained  everything step-by-step so we knew what to expect. They did not get annoyed with us when we called every hour the first three days.

Six days later we were able to take our puppy home. She is healthy and we are able to make wonderful memories with Ho-Doo. Thank you so much!

Seung J.
New York