Owen Received Compassionate Care

It all began when our nine-year-old dog Owen started having a dry, hacking cough at first. Then after a couple of days, he began coughing up white, foamy “junk.” After a couple of days the cough became even more pronounced and he began to have difficulty with panting and shortness of breath.

I took him to BluePearl in Tampa, FL as we knew from previous experience with another dog, that they would be able to tell us what was going on. I arrived there late on a Saturday night. We were seen right away and Owen had a complete exam with x-rays. The x-rays revealed some distress in the chest with possible begining of pneumonia. We were given antibiotics and a cough supressant, and were discharged with instructions to follow up with our regular vet the following week. I took him to our regular vet on Tuesday for a follow-up visit as he did not seem to be getting better. They gave us another antibiotic. After four days he was still not recovering even with two different antibiotics which should have “killed” anything except a virus.

I returned to BluePearl late on the following Saturday night because Owen had quit eating and was going down hill. They took another set of x-rays and it showed his condition had deteriorated markedly from the week before, and advised an ultrasound of the abdomen and chest. He was placed in ICU where he was made comfortable, oxygen administered, and IV fluids started. Since it was the weekend, the ultrasound was done the next day and the news was not good. He had a huge mass (cancer) on his liver and it had metastized to the lungs at lightening speed. At that point, it was determined that euthanasia was inevitable.

We were given all time we needed to be with him in the ICU until he passed away. The doctor and nurses there were most compassionate and comforting. BluePearl made the arangments for pick up of his body, creamation, and return of his remains. I can’t say anything negative about his treatment or how were we treated when it was time to say our final good bye. We have five other dogs that sadly miss him as he was the top dog. He will always be in all our hearts. Thank you BluePearl.

Curtis Kibbey