Panda Received a Speedy Diagnosis

The team at BluePearl have been absolutely extraordinary in caring for our dog during a very difficult time. The speed with which we were seen by Dr. Levitin after an ophthalmological issue was ruled out was extraordinary, followed immediately by an MRI.

Within hours we had a definitive diagnosis and were on our way to providing the best treatment available at that point. Without BluePearl’s diligence and expertise we would have been wracked with uncertainty about Panda’s┬ácondition and how to proceed. The peace of mind for us and for Panda, who feels better, have been invaluable.

We have a good friend with a brain tumor, and he expressed envy at the comprehensive report BluePearl issued the very day Panda was seen. He said this was more than anyone had set out for him. Whatever course Panda’s illness takes, we are certain we have found the best possible care and advice for her. Many, many thanks.

Mary D.
New York