Paralyzed German Shepherd Walks on All Four Again

Over the course of two days, our 100+ lb., six-year-old German Shepherd “Charles” had lost use of his back legs and was paralyzed. We took him to our veterinarian who told us we needed to see a neurologist immediately. He recommended Blue Pearl Hospital in Tampa.

We drove directly to the hospital and after the initial exam, Dr. Bleyaert believed Charles had ruptured a disk in his spine. Dr. Bleyaert requested to give Charles a myelogram x-ray, to determine if the cause of his paralysis was a ruptured disk. Charles had in fact ruptured T13-L1 disk and needed surgery. They informed us that there was an 80% chance of recovery.

Charles had the surgery on his spine and stayed in the hospital that week. I visited him everyday and was so happy to see him receiving so much love and attention, not to mention the wonderful therapy and acupuncture! By the end of the week we took Charles home!!! He was still paralyzed, but we spent time with the therapist at the hospital and learned how to provide therapy at home for Charles. After Charles was home about a week he started moving his back legs, everyday just a little more!!

He is now weight baring on all four legs, a little wobbly, but getting better everyday!! Charles is a strong boy and I can tell he is so happy that he again can stand on his own! I know he’ll be back running and playing with our other dog “Ripley” very soon.

Thank you so much Blue Pearl for the wonderful care and treatment you gave my baby Charles!! We have many wonderful years to look forward to sharing with with him now!!