Passionate & Kind People

Last year at this time , my daughter and I lost our beloved dog Daphne. I am a RN at an emergency room and am used to dealing with sick people so I am medical but when it comes to my dog family I rely on the experts in that field.

We were sent to BluePearl by our vet who knew that Daphne was in the dying process. We were met with such kindness and urgency . The doctor came and talked to us privately in a consultation room. I was able to be there with my sweet baby during her last breath. This was of course a very difficult experience for me but I could have not asked for more passionate and kind people to be there with me. They even made us a paw print in clay and gave us a locket of her hair.

We picked her up about a week later to place her in our back yard. They had placed a ribbon and drew a heart on her box. I have the upmost respect for BluePearl staff. You were absolutely wonderful! Daphne is the dark one of the two dogs in the picture (the white one is her daughter).

Rachel McCarrell