Pippa Pulled Through

My tiny Chihuahua girl, Pippa, was so seriously ill, she had to be hospitalized at the Blaine hospital. I just knew the outlook was not good. The doctor that treated her was from the Eden Prairie hospital, which was unbeknownst to me until later. The doctor told me she had been at the Eden Prairie office and when her shift was over, she was thinking about Pippa and wanted to see her again to see if she even had a chance of making it, since she was so sick.

When her shift was over at the Eden Prairie, she came back to Blaine to check on Pippa and decided that she did have a chance of making it. Pippa made it overnight, continued to improve, and is still with me today. I have never had a doctor that went so far out of their way to check on a patient, human or pet. The care given at this place is beyond any I have ever experienced elsewhere. Who would think a doctor would go way across town after hours to check on a little tiny dog? The whole staff at BluePearl is excellent, and I will never go anywhere else.

Carolyn Maxwell