Eli’s GDV Crisis is Over

While a long layover in the Kansas City area was not in our travel plans this fall, my wife and I spent an unexpected 11 days there as our standard poodle, Eli, was being cared for in the Overland Park clinic.

On the fourth night of our cross country drive Eli began to show signs of a serious medical crisis. We were able to get in contact with BluePearl and were lucky enough to be only a 45-minute drive from the facility.

Eli was diagnosed with gastric dilatation volvulus (GDV), a life-threatening condition that requires immediate surgical intervention. He did well after his first surgery but unfortunately required a second surgery five days later. He rebounded well from that surgery too and now, four weeks later, is well on his way to recovery.

If it were not for the skilled and caring staff at BluePearl we would not have Eli back home with us today. Every doctor and staff member we interacted with were so supportive and compassionate. Our thanks to them all.

Howard Cantor