Presley Was Sick, I Was Panicked

When I arrived home from a week-long vacation, I found out that my 14-year-old cat Presley had been acting extremely lethargic and had stopped eating. Upon finding Presley and knowing her circumstances were dire, I arrived at BluePearl in a panicked hysteria. I was welcomed by calm staff members that were kind and understanding. Within an hour I had to make the impossible decision to have Presley put to sleep.

The staff members at BluePearl were comforting and caring. My time with Presley was respected and the veterinarian was extraordinary. It was less than a week after I lost Presley when I was floored receive not only a sympathy card signed by every staff member, but also an impression of my Presley’s paw prints. What an absolutely classy thing to do. I am forever grateful for this reminder of her.

I just can’t say thank you enough to the staff members that treated me so genuinely at such a difficult time for me.

Katie Davis