Primo Collapsed From Heatstroke

On the Sunday before the 4th of July, our nine-month-old boxer Primo suddenly collapsed, from what we expect to be heatstroke. He was completely lifeless, even after giving him a cold bath. We called our regular vet but were forwarded to BluePearl. The call was answered on the first ring (10 p.m. on a Sunday night!) and we rushed over there, not knowing if Primo would actually be alive at arrival.

A gurney was waiting for him and he was rushed to the emergency care. The prognosis was not good. We received a phone call at sevenĀ  in the morning that he was not doing well. We visited during the day and we were quite discouraged. All doctors and staff were rooting for Primo and we could only hope for the best.

On Tuesday morning Primo could walk a little bit (like an old man) but didn’t want to eat and still had major issues. We decided to take care of him at home on Tuesday night. He started gaining his appetite soon, and his gingerly walks outside were slowly getting a bit more energetic. Within three days he was practically himself again!

Now, three weeks later, he has completely recovered! He is back to his naughty self, biting everything in sight, including the car interior. Yeah! Thank you doctors, nurses and staff for your excellent care and follow-up!

Daniel Kalmann
New York