Put My Own Medical Care to Shame

Reese is an American cocker spaniel who was diagnosed as diabetic when he was three years and put on insulin twice a day. At five years old he started developing cataracts probably from the diabetes. His vet recommended I contact BluePearl for a solution to the problem.

I had read of a tiger having cataract surgery at the Clearwater location. So, after a consultation I was ready to leave Reese in the skilled and caring hands of Dr. Stengard.

The surgery went as planned and Reese came home with a full regimen of medications and eye drops. His eyes are now bright with no trace of the cloudiness I was seeing.

The post-operative care and follow-up visits he received were awesome. (It put the follow-up I received when I had my cataracts done to shame.)

A hearty “thank you” to all the staff at BluePearl from Reese and I.

Ronald Bond