Rare Blood Type Flown in From California for Spike

My beloved cat Spike, a rescue who had been with me for 17 years, became ill two years ago. He was referred by our vet to Georgia Veterinary Specialists (a BluePearl Veterinary Partners hospital) because of severe blood loss. It was discovered that he has a rare blood type, so the doctors at GVS searched facilities all over the country to find blood for transfusions. Life-saving blood was flown in from California for Spike.

He improved immediately so further testing could be done. He was diagnosed with lymphoma and referred to Dr. Derek Duval for treatment. After over two years, Spike is still going strong. Dr. Duval has seen him through a stroke, high blood pressure, and diabetes as well as treating the lymphoma. I am so grateful for Dr. Duval and the staff at GVS. Without their expert care, I know my best friend Spike would not still be with me.

Sandra Granade