Rex Recovered With Your Remarkable Care

My 16-week-old Vizsla puppy got hit by an ATV. I was two hours from home and had no idea where to take my puppy! I called a friend and he recommended BluePearl, which also happens to be one hour away from where the accident happened. After an unsure and long car ride we made it to BluePearl.

My puppy was having great difficulty breathing, lifeless in my arms, and both my husband and myself feared the outcome would be grim. We called ahead so when we arrived the receptionist made a call and a technician came and got him and whisked him away to the back. After 20 minutes, Dr. Grace Clark came out to speak with us and give us an update on his condition.

Remarkably he did not fracture anything, but he had multiple lung contusions and a possible pneumothorax. The next 24 hours were critical as they had to monitor him closely in the ICU and try to maintain his oxygen saturation. Dr. Clark called me that evening and gave me an update. The next morning she called to update us again and also set up a time we could come visit him.

On Monday Dr. Sura took over his case and also called with an update. After three days Rex was off his oxygen, IVs, and eating/drinking once again! He was finally ready to come home. I’m positive that if it weren’t for the remarkable care and the facility Rex may not have survived. Thanks to all who helped in his care. You guys are great! I will definitely recommend you to friends and family. If I need an emergency or specialty vet in the future I know that it is definitely worth the one-hour drive!

Betsy F.