Riley Had an Allergic Reaction

A few years ago, my 4-year-old Jack Russle/Beagle mix pup went to BluePearl twice. The first time he was referred at age 1.5 for bilateral patellar luxation surgery. His disease progressed very quickly. According to his family vets at Juniper Valley Animal Hospital, he went from extremely mild to needing surgery as soon as possible in a short amount of time (about two months).

BluePearl was very helpful and cared for my Riley as I would have (I’m a nurse practitioner). They even let me bring in a tee-shirt with my scent on it for his cage in the ICU. They told me they never saw him go too far from that shirt and he always slept on it for his four-day stay in the ICU post-op. I was also able to go visit him in the hospital because they told me he tolerated it well and it seemed to help his recovery. When, at the second post-op visit he wasn’t moving as well as expected, they actually referred me back to my regular vet where they had recently gotten a vet that could do accupuncture. He ran for the first time in three months after his first acupuncture visit.

Riley’s second visit, a year later, was at midnight after I had given him his regular, monthly allergy shot (he has some pretty severe allergies that are managed by shots I give him at least monthly, if not more, since he was 9 months old ). Within minutes of giving this particular shot his entire face swelled up, he began vomiting profusely and then began to have a lot of trouble breathing. I ran him, in my arms, the three blocks to my car and then drove as fast as I could to the Forest Hills hospital . Riley was in anaphylactic shock and was losing oxygen quickly. The staff at BluePearl were amazing. Riley required a bunch of medications to help him breath well again, but he was extremely well taken care of. They followed up with my regular vet and with me, checking up on his recovery and allergy management plans.

BluePearl is so close to my home and this reassures me. I will recommend BluePearl in Forest Hills to everyone in my area.

Kelli Ann Naughton
New York