Roxanne, the Amazing Feline

I brought my cat Roxanne in from my lanai on Tuesday, August 28th, 2018. When I set her down, she cried out and did not fall but seemed to be dizzy. I thought it was the heat of the day and I thought she had overheated so I cooled her off and she resumed her normal self – ate, drank and hopped up on my poster bed for a nap. I called my vet’s office to make an appointment for the next day but they were real busy so I made an appointment for Thursday. Sadly, my 15 3/4 yr old Roxanne would not make that visit. She started the day, August 29th, seemingly OK. By noon, she could not stand up and was crying pitifully. My vet had put her on thyroid medication in June but I thought the heat was the problem. I called Blue Pearl and asked if I could bring her and they said yes, definitely so I gave them my name, put my sweet little girl in the carrier and took off.

The Staff at BluePearl

I live 30 miles from the facility but I was able to get there within 30 minutes at which time I handed her over to the staff for emergency care. They rushed her in and I was giving information to the staff and completing paperwork while they worked on Roxanne. I then went to wait. The staff at Blue Pearl are top notch – you will not get any better or more compassionate care then you will at Blue Pearl. The staff is so professional and knowledgable that you know you are getting absolutely the best care there is. They informed me while I was still filling out forms that she was severely dehydrated and her blood counts were so low that they were not sure what was wrong but they needed to give her a transfusion immediately. I agreed as Roxanne has never been sick a day in the 15 3/4 years. This sickness was so sudden yet the emergency physicians and staff kept me informed constantly. I spent close to 5 hours there until my husband arrived at which time they informed us that an ultrasound showed her organs were enlarged and that they suspected an advanced cancer and her low blood count.

Saying Good-Bye

They gave us all the options but my husband and I were not going to let our sweet princess be in pain or suffer. We agreed to euthanasia and they allowed us to see her and spend as much time as we wanted. They had her covered with a tiger striped flannel blanket just like the one she had at home. My husband was able to hold her head while they administered the drugs and said goodbye – I made my goodbye but I am not good at this point. It is very difficult for me right now as this was so sudden but I had to write about how wonderful Blue Pearl was to us. Losing a pet is never easy as Roxanne was an amazing feline who stole my heart and her swift decent to illness is devastating, but Blue Pearl is amazing.

Thank you, BluePearl

This was not our first encounter with Blue Pearl and if I have the need in the future, I will definitely return. My first experience was with a cat named Taylor who was treated by this clinic for a huge cyst on his kidneys. He was 13 and the help he got from this office extended his life 7 months. I was told by my vet he would not last a week so I knew if anyone could help Roxanne, it would definitely be them. I would only have to worry what I miss in observing my pets. Thank you so much Blue Pearl for your tremendous efforts and your compassion. I am attaching a picture of Roxanne in much better days and how beautiful that little princess was. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

C. Buck
Clearwater, FL