Roxy Gave Unconditional Love

Back in April of 2012, Roxy was diagnosed with auto immune hemolytic anemia. We fought this disease for eight months. Roxy throughout this time was treated multiple times at BluePearl in Overland Park, Kansas and had five blood transfusions over these several months.

I can never express the gratitude to Dr. Jeff Dennis for his endless dedication to save Roxy. The staff at BluePearl was always prepared for the times we arrived when Roxy was crashing and in need of another blood transfusion. Dr. Dennis treated Roxy with the best immune suppressant medications to control this disease. We never gave up hope. Roxy was never suffering. She always ate well and was drinking plenty.

Her last transfusion the day after Thanksgiving was a success. Though just over a week later Roxy let us know it was her time. Sunday, Dec. 2nd, 2012 it was time to say goodbye. As Dr. Dennis said. “It is not a moment too early or a moment too late, it is her time.” He even arrived that Sunday morning to be there with us at BluePearl.

I will never forget as Roxy was leaving this world, I was rubbing her ears and she kissed me on the nose. I guess all angels have to go back to heaven sometime, and it was your time baby girl. Thank you for your endless kindness Dr. Dennis. You will never be forgotten. And to you Roxy, I always knew you were a gift from God. Your spirit will live on inside of me forever. Love to you always Roxy! You were my sunshine and I will be missing you for the rest of my life. My precious child you shared unconditional love even up until your very last breath. You can never be replaced, for you are one in a million!

Jane & Joe Spalding