Ruby was an amazing dog for 14 strong years

I rushed my miniature dachshund to BluePearl in Spring, TX, after she had several seizures. Ruby was our baby for almost 14 years, and we loved her deeply. After refusing to eat for 4 days, we knew that she was trying to tell us that she was ready to leave us. She was an amazing dog – she beat cancer 4 times, had Cushing’s disease, diabetes and hypothyroidism, but never stopped acting like a puppy and enjoying life.

Dr. Richard Stone was the vet that administered the drugs to assist her to her next life. He did an amazing job of making sure Ruby was never in pain and slipped quietly away, all the while telling her what a good girl she was and gently rubbing her head. My daughter and I both felt that it was really a spiritual moment and will forever be grateful to Dr. Stone for his part in it.

Linda Maddox