Ruby Will Pass From Old Age, Not Cancer

I brought my 11-year-old border collie in to see Dr. Tolar last December. She was diagnosed with a tumor behind her eye that was pushing it out of her head. The test results revealed it was bone cancer, and without surgery, her life expectancy was a matter of weeks.

Dr. Tolar removed the eye and as much of the tumor as she could (it was quite extensive). I was expecting that I’d have, maybe, three more months with her. Boy was I surprised! Immediately after surgery, she became much more active – dare I say puppy-like?

That was almost a year ago. Lately, she has started limping (which she is taking medication for), but I suspect that it is old age since she is 12 now which is old for a border collie.

I truly believe at this time that old age will get her before the cancer, and I just wanted to thank Dr. Tolar for giving us this extra year with her. It’s meant so much to our whole family.
Lynda Abshear