Sadie is Home Thanks to You

Our dog, Sadie, had been lethargic, rarely eating and just didn’t seem like herself. We took her in to our local vet and she improved slightly after IV fluids, antibiotics, and an overnight stay there. However, after a few days, she was continuing to deteriorate. When she added vomiting and not eating at all to the mix, my wife took her in to BluePearl-Overland Park on a Sunday night.

We were both very scared that we would not be bringing her home. She started having difficulty breathing and blood was coming from her nose. I was almost certain that we were going to lose her. After 2 nights in the ICU, many tests, and very little sleep for any of us, BluePearl got our Sadie back to us.

That whole time, the techs, vets, and staff were awesome! They took our phone calls at any time of day, let us come back and visit Sadie for as long as we wanted to, and kept us hopeful. Dr. Peace was the vet that cracked the case on what was wrong with Sadie (Addison’s disease). She gave us lots of attention and did a really awesome job keeping us informed.

Sarah and Jamie were two of the techs that took our phone calls and greeted us when we came to visit. They, along with all the other techs that took care of Sadie (sorry I don’t remember all of your names), made it clear that they were taking amazing care of our pup and encouraged us to call and come in to visit.

We are so grateful for what you all did for us. Sadie is a very important part of our family, and you all allowed us to bring her home. We can never express how much you have done for us.

Aaron Sielert