Saving Sassy Sophie

I am so grateful to have a vet hospital such as the BluePearl close to me and my pets. I would especially like to thank Dr. Whitehead. Dr. Whitehead, along with my vet in Milan, Dr. Michael Sweet, saved my dog’s life. It took over a year, but with their collaborative care, Sophie (Sassy Sophie, Cairn terrier) is alive and well. Putting their heads, minds and hearts together, they were able to diagnose her condition and give the right treatment. Thank you both.

Like many pet owners, I thought I was doing right by my dogs by feeding them a very good quality food from a good company. As it turned out, it isn’t the quality of the food as much as the content of the food. My dog cannot eat anything with grains or corn. I will say to any pet owner: if your dog is itching, has “hot spots,” is chewing on their feet or coughing a lot, consult your vet and consider changing their diet.

Sharon Linden