Saying Goodbye to Daisy

We knew it was time to say goodbye to our beloved dog, Daisy, who was 16 years young. But the biggest decision for me was where to take her. I heard about BluePearl from a cat clinic that my daughter attended for showing her cat at the fair. I decided to call them and see if it was a service they offered. They were very compassionate on the phone and told me they would let the staff know we were coming.

We took Daisy in at 7:30 on a Wednesday night, and they immediately took her to the back to give her an IV and then put us in a room to wait for her. They brought her into the room and put a nice, soft blanket on the floor so we could sit with her to say our last goodbyes. When we were ready, the doctor came in and she was so compassionate with us and Daisy and told us everything she was doing and when Daisy was gone. She didn’t even know our dog, and she told her she was a great pup and that she was loved dearly. They made the whole procedure so comforting, and the whole staff was so compassionate to all of us. They made a really painful decision into a comforting thought of Daisy’s last time here with us.

I highly recommend them to anyone and wish that they were a regular vet so I could take all my animals there.

Tina Onago