Saying Goodbye to Guinness

I wanted to express my deepest thanks to everyone at BluePearl in Brentwood. My 23-year-old daughter rescued Guinness from the streets several weeks prior to us bringing him to your hospital in the middle of the night after having horrible seizures at home.

We were met in the parking lot by one of your staff and were assisted inside the building. Guinness was taken straight back and Dr. Bennett came out immediately and spoke to us about what was going on. She was patient, kind and gentle with my daughter and constantly updated us on his situation.

We were there several hours trying to figure everything out and she and the staff constantly checked on us. We were able to see Guinness and spend time with him in the back and upon my daughter’s final decision, Guinness was carried into a private room where we had time to say goodbye.

Although it was such a tragic end to young dog’s life, the staff at BluePearl couldn’t have been any kinder given the situation at hand. They even called the next day to see how we were doing. My deepest thanks and gratitude for taking care of Guinness and us that night. It is a comfort to know that your hospital is minutes from my house.

Sandra Wells