Saying Goodbye to Our Faithful Companion

I found Beau, our almost 14-year-old Sheltie-corgi mix, in the laundry room laying and not moving. He was breathing short, shallow breaths. I called BluePearl in Northland in a full-blown panic. When we arrived, the staff met us as we came through the door and whisked our beloved baby to the ER.

The staff was so kind and caring, and the doctor there was a wonderful and kind woman. She informed us several times throughout the 3 hours we were there about Beau’s condition. It finally came time for us to make a decision on our baby’s end of life. They brought Beau into a room, and we hugged and kissed him until we felt we were strong enough to say our goodbyes. The doctor hugged each of us in a very caring and compassionate way as our faithful companion of many years went to heaven.

The staff and doctor were incredible to all of us and provided the best care imaginable for our loved dog, Beau. Thank you to those who were there that evening.

Tammy Dillen