Something Was Horribly Wrong With Max

After a night of throwing up, my husband knew there was something horribly wrong with our Max. When our regular veterinarian’s office opened the next morning, we called and got Max right in. After his exam and ultrasound, they had us go right to BluePearl.

We were told Max was critical, his intestines had twisted (mesenteric torsion) and cut off circulation. Emergency surgery was needed. Dr. Davis was so kind, but also proceeded with caution, telling us he may not make it through the surgery. We consented to have Dr. Maxworthy perform surgery to hopefully save our 8-year-old Max. Well, he made it, minus 70% of his small bowel.

Each 12-hour period he survived gave us all hope. His care was superb, to say the least. Every person from beginning to end, involved with Max and his care were angels. Today he is playing as if he was never near death. We cannot thank the staff, technicians and doctors enough.

Jon and Nancy Genschaw