Silt was Well-Cared for Despite His Bad Behavior

I want to recognize the veterinary technician named Shannon for her help and care of my cat. I took my cat “Silt” to BluePearl for radioiodine therapy (I-131) for his hyperthyroidism. The science behind -I131 is really cool. If you have a cat with hyperthyroidism I would suggest you look into it.

But, back to Shannon – she was very nice explaining to me the state requirements (the treatment itself is actually very quick, but requires a five-day stay by the State of New York because of the radiation) for my cat’s procedure beforehand. I warned her in advance that I have a “caution cat.” I told her he would try to eat her face and any other part that came into reach. Sometimes I worry about the poor techs (and my cat, of course!) with his behavior. I know he’s a terrible patient and boards poorly. But, she made me feel comfortable that she could handle him and despite his thankless attitude, he would be well taken care of.

So, we did the treatment and Shannon updated me every day. She was frank about his behavior and what steps she was using to take care of him. When he went home I got a certificate of his treatment which was a cute, personal touch. His one-month and three-month check-ups at his regular vet showed his labs were totally fine. Hyperthyroidism, you have been banished!

Thanks so much to the doctor who did Silt’s actual treatment, but super duper extra thanks go to Shannon, who made the whole experience a positive one.

Melissa K.
New York