Simple, But Brilliant Idea

Dr. Bessler, assisted by Regina Thomas, saved our cat’s life. We called with a medical emergency at 3:30 a.m. Our cat was howling in pain and needed medical treatment, but it was impossible to get him into the carrying case, which we had been trying to do unsuccessfully for over an hour.

We were connected with Dr. Bressler who kindly listened to our story and brilliantly suggested that we get him into a box, instead. That made total sense because he loves boxes, but, of course, we never even thought of it. Thanks to Dr. Bressler, we were able to get our cat the medical care he needed for a life-threatening situation.

Our cat had an emergency operation to remove a crystal blocking his urethra. Without Dr. Bressler, it never would have happened. We are beyond grateful!

Joan C.
New York