Skeletor the Cat Saved by Dr. He-Man

Our beloved cat, Skeletor, began vomiting small amounts of blood, so naturally we took him to our closest vet. After doing some x-rays and blood work, the vet told me that she was not able to tell us exactly what was wrong, but there was something majorly wrong with his digestive system. She explained that his condition was dire, and our choices were down to exploratory surgery or euthanasia. This set my girlfriend and me into panic-mode. We took him home and talked things over and ultimately decided to get a second opinion. We called another local vet, and they told us that they would only be able to run x-rays and blood work like the previous vet. Then they recommended going to BluePearl instead, and I am very glad we did!

The moment we walked in, there was a noticeable calm in the building that was not at the previous place. The vet assistant came in and took Skeletor’s vitals without stressing him out more than he already was. After a few minutes, Dr. Teichner walked in and introduced himself as Dr. He-Man, which initially went right over my head, but after a few seconds, I realized what he said and got a good laugh, which consequently lightened the somber mood.

After some testing and examination, we received some much more promising news that Skeletor may just be having a reaction to something he ate, or the diet he was on. Skeletor was given some fluids and given a simplified diet plan, and we were told to closely monitor him for the next 24 hours. The next day, he began vomiting again. We thought for sure something had to be seriously wrong with him. We took him back in to get an ultrasound (something no other vet in the area was able to provide), and it turned out that Dr. Teichner, or should I say, Dr. He-Man, was right! It was basically just an upset stomach.

We went through a whirlwind of emotions the past few days, from putting our cat down to exploratory surgery to just an upset stomach. We learned the difference between
a doctor who was (possibly) looking to make money off us and a doctor who truly cared for our animal when he needed it most.

Thank you so much, Dr. Teichner (He-Man)! You are a fantastic doctor and person!

Andrew Barton