Staff Was so Professional, Understanding and Empathetic

Marty, my beloved yellow lab, has had trouble walking since he was 12. We just assumed he was having hip trouble, as labs do. Out of nowhere, one morning he couldn’t stand and his left foot was all curled up. I called my daughter’s boyfriend, a vet in Georgia, who walked me through several things to look for. After doing this and still Marty’s foot was unresponsive, we brought him to BluePearl. The ultrasound turned out to be very bad news: an anal tumor wrapped around his vena cava. Clearly there was nothing we could do. This was the first time I have ever had to watch a pet being put to sleep. The staff was so professional, understanding and empathetic. They gave us as much time as we needed in a private area, explained the procedure and were very gentle with both us and, more importantly, Marty. While Marty is gone, the entire staff at BluePearl made our difficult situation easier to bear. Thank you, BluePearl.

Betsy Budzinski