Stormy: Our Miracle Dog

My wife and I adopted an Australian Shepherd from a rescue agency in February 2015. She was 1 year old. She had been surrendered by her original owner for unknown reasons. Based on her temperament, I think she must have been abused.
We had her for about a month when she bolted out of my car after returning from a visit with our vet. It was getting dark, we couldn’t find her, and she ended up staying out all night. I found her the next morning. She had been hit by a vehicle. She was alive, but very seriously injured. Her injuries included a ruptured diaphragm, pelvis fractures in two spots, both hips fractured, and left knee fractured. Our vet suggested BluePearl Oklahoma City.

That afternoon, the surgeon repaired the ruptured diaphragm, as that was the most life-threatening injury. Three days later, they did surgery on her left rear leg (hip and knee). Three days following that, the right hip was repaired. Three days after the last surgery, she walked out of the clinic with very little support.

Now, 2 months later, the X-rays show that the pelvic fractures are healing, and everything else in the healing process is progressing as expected. She can now walk and trot without assistance. She just needs to rebuild the muscle mass in her hips, and she will be good as new. By Sept. 2015, she should be back to 100%.

The surgeons and clinic staff are wonderful professionals. The took great care of her while she was in the hospital, and kept us informed of progress every day. We were allowed to visit and sit with her, too. We now call her the miracle dog.

Dale Bohanan