Sunshine, the Kitty That Has My Heart

I brought my 12-year-old cat, Sunshine, in to BluePearl when my family vet suggested she get emergency care because her back legs were giving out from under her and her white blood count was very low. I went down to the ICU to see where she would be. I knew she was in great hands even though I was so worried about her. (She was the love of my life!)

The next day, Dr. Al-Ghazlat and Dr. Gorbutt spoke to me about Sunshine’s medical condition. They told me she needed a blood transfusion, but first her heart would have to be tested. Sunshine had two blood transfusions. Her white blood count rose, then dropped again. The reason for the low blood count was not determine,d but she did have a heart condition, probably from birth and needed heart medication.

During this time, I went to visit Sunshine in ICU three times a day. I missed her desperately! The techs and the doctors were all so nice for letting me visit her and stay with her as long as I could. I took her treats and stuffed animals and she always responded to my visits by rolling over and letting me rub her belly, purring and meowing. We had a very strong bond and love!

After staying at the hospital for five days, Dr. Al-Ghazlat told me I could take her home Saturday because her white blood count was normal. I was elated! The first morning she was home with me, she came on my bed, got under the blankets, and laid down with her head on my shoulder and put her paw on my face twice – she was thanking me for taking such good care of her. Our bond wa s stronger than ever.

She was home with me for a week when, sadly, her back legs gave out on her again. I took her to my family vet. He told me that she had some kind of cancer. I was heartbroken. Sunshine’s prognosis was not good and I had already done everything in my power to help her, to find out if she could be cured. 

Sunshine passed away on my dad’s birthday. He came down from heaven and took her himself. I have never loved a pet like I loved (love) Sunshine. She will always be the kitty that has my heart.

I will never forget the doctors and technicians at BluePearl in Manhattan. They gave Sunshine a couple more weeks to be with me and for us to bond even closer through her tough medical ordeal. They did all they could possibly do for my Sunshine, as if she was one of their kitties. In the face of tradgedy I took comfort knowing that Sunshine had the best care of all at NYC’s BluePearl hospital.

Barbara M. Ruble
New York