Support & Sympathy From the Staff

My partner and I both want to thank you for all of your help and support during this last weekend. We had no idea that our day would take the turn that it did. We were definitely full of emotion as we walked in the door. Your amazing staff knew we were coming and immediately helped our kitten, Justin, get taken care of.

Dr. Smith was amazingly warm, understanding and honest. We both respond well to facts and she did everything she could to explain the medical issue and the realistic outcomes. When we made our decision, we got nothing but support and sympathy from everyone there.

It was such a hard time for us, but the kindness of all of you made for a bright spot in an otherwise dismal day. We loved our kitten, and we wish we could have loved him longer than we had the chance to. Thank you again for all that you did to help us and our little Justin. 

Josh G.