Surgery for Abby was the best decision we could have made

My sweet baby, Abby, is a nine-year-old cocker spaniel who has suffered years of chronic ear infections.  Last summer, after two serious abscesses, our trusted vet, Family Friends, referred us to BluePearl in Grand Rapids for a consultation. We met with Dr. Egeler, who explained a surgical procedure called a Total Ear Canal Ablation (TECA). She said it would offer a more permanent solution to Abby’s problem. It was a scary proposition, but Dr. Egeler explained everything patiently and compassionately, from the procedure itself to after care and potential complications and side effects.

We opted for the TECA surgery to hopefully improve the quality of Abby’s life. It was the best decision we could have made. The entire staff at BluePearl was so professional and caring. Abby received exceptional care, and the surgery was successful. BluePearl coordinated Abby’s after care with Dr. Johnson at Family Friends, and the transition was seamless.

Abbey MI test2

Abby post-surgery with sutures and bandages still in place.

Facial nerve damage can be a complication of TECA surgery and Abby did lose her ability to blink and there was a slight droop to her face on the side of the procedure. I kept her eye lubricated with drops, and after about 5 weeks, I began to notice movement in her eyelid. She has completely recovered her ability to blink and her face is no longer drooping.

I am so grateful for the care Abby received.  Thank you, BluePearl!

Paula Harris

Abbey MI test4

Abby fully recovered wearing her e-collar one last time for a Halloween photo.

Abbey MI test3

Molly, our cat who loves Abby, offering comfort and therapeutic purring.