Surgery Saved Gracie’s Life

Gracie was a rescue Pekingese that we were told was starved. Turns out she had a portosystemic liver shunt that had to be operated on for her to survive. My vet, Dr. Bixler of Companion Animal Clinic, went to vet school with BluePearl’s Dr. Skip Tangner and knew he had a specialty in this area.

Gracie’s care was 24/7 during her stay. The vet fixed her liver and discovered her under-developed vascular system in the liver during the biopsy while he was placing the constrictor ring. It was a major surgery and a major success since she only has to take lactulose to manage her liver and she lives a wonderful life. Gracie went from 7.4 to 11 pounds over the last two years and her coat is gorgeous.

I wanted to thank you for saving her life. My vet said her liver numbers now make her a poster dog for getting this surgery. I don’t think she would have survived it without the skill of the vet and staff.

Stacey and Tommy Poole