Suzi Became a Totally Different Dog

I got my dog, Suzi, from a rescue 4 years ago. Unfortunately, they neglected to tell me that she suffered from chronic ear infections stemming from her allergies. My poor baby suffered. We tried probably every ear medication, food trials, etc., with no success. It was so bad I actually thought about putting her down. Finally, I heard about TECA surgery. Dr. Michael Reems performed this surgery on both her ears with complete success.

We won’t mention how she jumped off the bed 2 days after the first surgery and tore her ACL, requiring yet another surgery. But Dr. Reams once again came to her rescue. Suzi has become a totally different dog since her ears were done. She’s happy and no longer in any pain. The staff at BluePearl are wonderful and I trust them completely with my girl Suzi.

Both Suzi and I thank you, BluePearl.

Maureen Sweeney