So Sweet and Gentle with Juji

I had a 14-year-old short haired shih tzu who had been ill for 2 weeks when I contacted the hospital late on a Sunday evening. I explained to the receptionist, Julia, my dog was very ill, and she told me to come in. I was upset and crying, and Julia was so sweet and gentle with my baby. She escorted me to a private waiting room and, after a while, they brought my Juji to me. After a long wait, due to another emergency case that was rightfully more serious than mine, Dr. Covington came in and we discussed all that had been going on. We agreed that the most humane decision was to put my dog down. She was so kind and caring and compassionate and my whole experience, though personally devastating, was made easy and comfortable. I was so impressed, and I felt that I just had to share my story.

Sue Wolf