Taz Immediately Adapted to Three Legs

In February of 2010, our baby was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. After meeting with a specialty vet center in Orlando that doesn’t have an oncologist on staff and getting very frustrated with no comprehensive opinion, a friend recommended your clinic to us.

We made an appointment with Dr. Kane and felt like this is where our baby belonged. He laid out all the options for us, did further testing to see if Taz was a candidate for leg-saving surgery and gave us his recommendations. We then met with Dr. Reems regarding surgery. Dr. Reams did a fantastic job with Taz’s surgery and I LOVE that you are a 24-hour intensive care facility. The staff would tell us when they were going to get Taz up, feed, walk him and invite us to call at all hours of the night. This was so helpful for me being in Orlando.

Please know if you are considering this, it is AMAZING how fast they adapt to three legs. Dr. Kane then treated him after the surgery and he and the staff were always great.

Because of this, a few weeks ago when another dog of ours was diagnosed with melanoma we brought him back to Dr. Kane for treatment. Although I had hoped not to ever come back, it was just as I remembered – warm, caring, comprehensive and helpful. We are now working on a treatment regimen for Barrett.

Robin Brinkley