Thank You for Honoring Rocky


My wife and I had to make the excruciatingly painful decision to put down our 9-year-old Rhodesian/pit bull mix. His dog aggression evolved to human aggression and the physical and emotional injuries he was causing to others could no longer be ignored. His deteriorating mental state and constant nervousness was not only prolonging our families inability to feel safe, but also prolonging the suffering he must have been going through.

BluePearl was everything we could hope for by supporting us through this gut-wrenching decision. Dr. Jeffrey Ganus was remarkable in ensuring us that our big boy would not suffer from his transition to the afterlife. The staff was consoling, empathetic, and I couldn’t have asked for so much patience as shown from this team of professionals. We played Rocky’s favorite classical song on repeat as he last closed his eyes to sleep, and they allowed us to take as much time as we needed to say our final goodbyes. For that, my wife and I are eternally grateful. We will miss our big boy so much for all the joy he brought us, and I’m glad he went peacefully.

Thank you, Dr. Janus. Thank you to the staff. Thank you, BluePearl.

Elvis Torres
New York