Thank You So Much Dr. Lightfoot!

First,  I want to thank Dr. Lightfoot for participating in Avian procedures. I have admired Teresa Lightfoot for years and I thank her for all the knowledge I have received all of the times I have been fortunate enough to work with her.  It has truly helped me increase my knowledge in this field.

Due to her encouragement I have completed a lot of Avian studies.  My big news is that I am now the President of Pinellas Suncoast Parrot Sanctuary Inc., which is just like the Seabird Sanctuary only for parrots. I have always loved them and have seen what they have to go through. This parrot sanctuary is a place where they can live “Happily Ever After,” and they aren’t immediately put up for adoption.

Thank you once again,  Dr. Lightfoot for always being an inspiration and sharing your knowledge in the Avian field.

Dr. Lightfoot, I am honored to let you know that I am always available, with some notice, if I can be of any help. My website is

Thank You, Sincerely,

Captain Tut & Crew 😉 :> :> :> : :> :> : : :>