Thanks BluePearl for Helping Our Maltese!

My 11-year-old Maltese has had issues with a ruptured disk in both his cervical and lower spine for about five years now. He is on limited activity and we manage it pretty well. One day he woke up and was unable to use his back legs which was a new symptom. Our local vet felt that this was urgent enough that we should take him to BluePearl right away. Unfortunately, the first available appoint was over a week away.

Dr. Olsen called Dr. Cellio at BluePearl and arranged to have Napa fit into an appointment the next morning. I sort of expected to feel like I was a bother and an over-worried pet owner but was not treated like that at all. Dr. Cellio and his staff treated us with total respect and compassion for our concern in a timely and very courteous manner. He educated me on what to watch for and how to limit Napa’s activity when he has these sorts of nerve impingement and also told me what would necessitate bringing Napa straight into BluePearl with a call that we were on our way.

It was great experience and I now feel like we can take better care of Napa and also recognize a need for emergency care much better. We could not be more pleased with the care and concern that we received as a new fit-in patient to their office.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!