They Made an Emotional Time Easier

I unfortunately had to bring my dog, Roxy, to this location late one evening due to her stomach flipping. I have had my dog for 13 years and, as most pet lovers are like parents, she was my child. I received the dog when I was only 11, and she had been with me every step of the way since.

I was absolutely devastated when I took her into BluePearl Vet and was told her potential outcomes. I wish I could have done more to save her, but unfortunately, she had to be put to rest. This was a very emotional and hard time for me. The staff here made it somewhat easier for me to deal with and were very supportive. Even after the fact, I received a letter in the mail from the vet showing their condolences.

I just want to thank the staff overall for everything they did and that they truly did help me deal with the loss of my baby.