Thomas Mysteriously Stopped Eating

Our Thomas mysteriously stopped eating, which resulted in fatty liver disease. After every diagnostic approach was made and his disease process was deemed idiopathic, we attempted treatment with our primary veterinarian. We thought it would be simple considering the treatment is feeding enough food daily to reverse the build up of fat in the liver. We were not successful with hand feeding due to Thomas’s diligent refusal, so we were referred to BluePearl in Blaine MN for an esophageal feeding tube placement.

We were extremely hesitant and scared of putting Thomas through what seemed like such a drastic measure to save his life, but we knew he had the desire to go on so we went to BluePearl for a consultation with Dr. Cottingham. We were blown away with her knowledge, confidence, and compassion regarding our Thomas and his situation. Upon leaving him at the hospital, and as awful as we felt for Thomas, we knew he couldn’t be in better hands. Dr. Cottingham and her entire team were wonderful.

I couldn’t be more proud and appreciative to say that Thomas is alive and well today because of the wonderful staff at BluePearl- Blaine. It has been 3 months since his feeding tube was removed, and he has been happy and healthy ever since. Thank you, BluePearl!

Dana Wozny