Time Was Not on Sailor’s Side

Sailor was 8 weeks old when we rescued him from a Shelter in Clinton, MO. All his life he was active, fast, and happy, but occasionally would drag his hind legs when turning after long runs in the woods. Last Christmas, at age 5, an alarming turn for the worse came with Sailor not being able to control his hind legs on simple walks. We knew it was neurological, but could not locate a specialists for at least a day and knew that time was not on Sailor’s side.

Our local vet called in and located Dr. Weinstein at BluePearl. Dr. Weinstein was thorough, conservative, and urgent in his diagnosis. After an MRI, we knew the decision had to be made to surgically relieve pressure from his spinal cord from vertebrae tissue. Although not routine and seemingly grave, Dr Weinstein, as a resident, knew what needed to be done. We trusted his confidence and knowledge, and could sense that he genuinely cared for his patient. After a 5 hour procedure, Dr. Weinstein called us with cautious optimism on Sailor’s progress on Christmas Eve. The next morning, he called us to visit Sailor in recovery in case he wouldn’t make it.

We brought him home a few days later. After a few months of rehab with Dr. Connie Schulte, and tender care, Sailor continued to show improvement. We are currently at 9 months post surgery and Sailor is 90% back to normal and continuing to show improvement. The care, advice, and consultation that Dr. Weinstein and Dr. Schulte provided, was nothing short of perfection and the kind of care and service every pet should receive.

Kansas City