Tooth Trouble for Stella

Our 9 1/2 year old Bernese mountain dog had a tooth pulled last week by a local vet. Three days later, we ended up an emergency vet clinic as the area was odorous and necrotic. So, a second general anesthetic was performed and the vet cleaned the area but was unable to entirely close the defect.

Now, on this Monday morning, I called BluePearl and they told me to come right in and their dental vet would look at the defect. I was pleasantly welcomed by all of the staff that I encountered. Jessica Johnston, CVT was kind and thorough to both my dog, Stella, and myself, as well as very comforting. Dr. Emily Edstrom then came in and examined the defect and explained that she would create a flap to repair the area. She was so warm, kind and caring, and Stella really liked her. This once again required a general anesthetic, which I was concerned about; yet, she was able to reassure me that Stella would be safe.

About three hours later, I picked Stella up, and she was doing great! Happy, comfortable, and active. I am so grateful to Dr. Edstrom and her wonderful staff! Very highly recommended!