I Gave Athena a Better Life

Our American bull dog mix Athena went through a TPLO surgery with Dr. Kevin Au. The experience was beyond my expectations and truly wonderful. Athena had suffered a minor tear in a ligament in her knee at around 2 1/2 years of age and we had been told, in our home state of Oregon, that she should heal with limited activity. Unfortunately after moving to Kentucky a year later, she re-injured the same area after a run. We hoped again that a period of rest would be able to heal Athena. However, that was not the case, and our family veterinarian here in Kentucky referred us to BluePearl in Brentwood.

Dr. Kevin Au not only has a compassionate demeanor towards animals and their owners, but he answered my list of questions without hesitation. After a few months of saving money, since the surgery is expensive (but also extremely worth it), I showed up on her surgery day and jokingly asked one of the staff members if they gave a military discount. Turns out they do and I saved a good amount on the surgery.

Athena is now a few days away from her 8-week mark after her last consultation and took her first short hike with us yesterday. While her muscle had atrophied from the surgery (and before the surgery because she wasn’t putting much weight on that specific leg) she still walked the hike with full force. For the first time since her initial injury almost two years ago now, she did not have a limp afterwards and continued to put weight on her leg.

When Dr. Au told me that this surgery would give her a full life and she should be able to live to a nice old age I had a hard time believing him after seeing my active dog turn into a couch potato from her injury. Athena still has a ways to go in gaining muscle but her surgery has left her in better shape then ever and we are so thankful that she’s been given this second chance in her life to run, play and be an active dog. 

She now wakes up with a jump and a wagging tail and I can’t wait for her to go back to Oregon with us and enjoy one of her favorite activities – running on the beach. I would recommend Dr. Au and the Brentwood staff to anyone wanting to give their dog a better life after an injury.

Christina B.