Treated Molly Like They Knew Her

My boxer, Molly, was a rescue dog that used to be a puppy mill dog. I took her to many vet visits to get her healthy, and she started gaining weight nicely. A few days after Christmas, I realized she was breathing weird, so I brought her to our normal vet. From that moment on, the next 6-8 weeks went really fast. We got an ultrasound at BluePearl in Blaine MN, and it did not look good, but there were no cancer cells.

Two weeks later, I brought her in because she still was not eating, losing weight rapidly, and then started throwing up. I then learned that the cancer spread to her stomach and liver, and that she had a tumor on her right kidney. I had to make the decision to let my baby girl go home to God. Dr. Mourning and her staff were unbelievably supportive and sympathetic, and I could not ask for better support.

Everyone felt like family, and it actually felt like they knew Molly as long as I did, and it made it easier to share my pain with them. They allowed me to hold Molly while they put her to sleep, and I held her for a long time after to get more time with her. They never once rushed me, and I loved that. I hope I never have to go back, but if I do I will be asking for Dr. Mourning and her team! I want to thank the ENTIRE staff at BluePearl in Blaine because, from the moment they all met Molly until her last day there, they were all great to her, myself, and my 2-year-old son.

Danielle Ludwig