Treatment Risks, Costs and Quality of Life Were Explained

Last Saturday was a very sad day in the life of my daughter and myself. Our 14-year-old cat, Kitty, had been acting strange and sickly for the past two weeks. I decided medical intervention was necessary and brought my cat to your hospital in Forest Hills, NY.

After triage by a nurse, Kitty was taken into the back to be examined by a veterinarian. About 15 minutes later, we were introduced to Dr. Meredith Helfman who, in a calm, caring and totally professional manner, explained the dire circumstances. As feared, Kitty had cancer. Dr. Helfman had detected multiple masses in addition to finding Kitty to be anemic, hypertensive and running a slight fever.

Dr. Helfman proceeded to outline the various treatments that might be available as well as explaining the attendant risks, costs and quality of life for Kitty. In the end we decided on euthanasia which Dr. Helfman performed in our presence as we held on to our dear cat.

If there is such a thing as an exemplary bedside manner for an animal and her owners then Dr. Helfman is the embodiment of that phrase. She provided quality medical care and, more importantly, expertly and reassuringly guided us through a difficult time. We were very lucky to have Dr. Helfman attend Kitty in her final time of need.

Ira Hofher
New York