Truly a Haven for Pets and People Both

Both of our Abysinnians, Spencer and Rufus, had great anxiety about visiting the vet and hospital stays thanks to some traumatic experiences they had to endure before we discovered the caring environment BluePearl creates for its patients. They were not technically “rescues”, but they were over bred which resulted in a host of physical ailments that have kept us busy and challenged for the last 10 years.

We have been able to give our boys a full and happy life thanks to the amazing, caring people at BluePearl. Sadly we had to let Spencer go last spring, but it was done with such love and compassion, for both Spencer and us, any sadness is eclipsed by the wonderful way the whole experience was handled. Rufus continues to defy the odds and is not only happy, but healthy and thriving, thanks to the amazing work of Dr. Ferreri and her team.

There aren’t words to adequately express how grateful we are to have found this amazing place, this haven for our dear sweet furry pals.

Spencer & Rufus
New York