Warm & Courteous Care

A year ago this July, I was handed a 5-week-old kitten who had been abandoned. The kitten, Deblen, had a very bad eye and I soon learned that there was the possibility the eye would need to be surgically removed. Three days later she began to bleed from that bad eye. I did not know where to turn, but found BluePearl Veterinary Partners on the Internet. When I called the hospital, they advised me to bring her in.

This was my first visit to BluePearl and I was immediately impressed with the hospital. The staff were warm and courteous including Dr. Jennifer Welser. Surgery was performed and it went well. But Deblen later busted a couple of sutures and they had to go back into the surgical site and fix it.

Deblen soon became a regular at BluePearl and staff treated her so well each time. Dr. Welser was especially kind and patient with Deblen. Two surgeries, and numerous visits later, Deblen received a clean bill of health. (This is a picture of Deblen three months after her surgery.)

Emily Molina
New York